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Engineering services

For more than 30 years, SHP has been operating on the national and international market in the field of consulting, planning and supervision for entire building services and supply engineering with a focus on renewable energies.

Sustainably and beyond the state of the art, we handle our customer’s desires flexibly, individually, personally and with a lot of team spirit. We are aware of the fact that we can realise our customer’s true desires and requirements on the project exclusively by means of communicating intensely with them. In doing so, we leave the level of the technical jargon and speak the same language as our customers and project partners, on an equal footing.

The extraordinary quality awareness of all staff members brings along outstanding results in the daily work for our customers. External auditors annually examine the self-imposed quality objectives within the scope of our certification according to ÖNORM EN ISO 9001. Only the building technology and the energy-infrastructure make a building habitable und usable, comparable with the heart- and circulatory system of a human being.


Energy efficiency and comfortableness are the central issues being discussed innovatively, and nevertheless consistently. Environmentally conscious and with an economic way of thinking we help our customers to economise appropriately. In this respect, we reduce complex plant systems to energy concepts which are as simple as possible in order to enable our customers to build, operate and utilise the building technology free from worry.



The tendency to build structures with increasingly more technology still remains. This results in a structure that is no longer useful to the owner, and indoor climate controls and operating costs become untenable. SHP is bucking this trend by developing solutions for building structures that can do more with less technology.


SHP believes that structures should be designed, constructed and operated to meet the needs of the current dweller without threatening possible damage to the environment by future dwellers. We guarantee that our structures comply with the relevant LEED or EU GreenBuilding Programme.


Investors with vision make the aforementioned efficient technology a reality in order to realize long-term profits. The life cycle costs of a structure are the deciding factor, not the initial investment! We know how it works.